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Class Descriptions


We offer a fun introductory KickStart program focusing on basic Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. KickStart is an 80-minute weekly program for students ages 2-4.


SideKicks is an 80-minute weekly program for students ages 4-5, focusing on progressive Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling.

Ballet and Pointe

Ballet is a foundational dance style. Ballet comes highly recommended as it promotes correct body placement, strength, and coordination. Each class will consist of barre work, center, petite, and grand allegro work. In addition, the course will focus on posture, balance, self-discipline, grace, self-confidence, fitness, and individual expression.

Once a student has mastered the proper technique, a student may be able to advance to Pointe, which is at the teacher's discretion.



Tap is one of the most rhythmic of all dance styles. Therefore, students will be introduced to numerous steps and progressions to concentrate better on their coordination, musicality, foot articulation, weight transference, and agility. The class consists of center work, progressions across the floor, and combinations.



Jazz dance is an exploration of style and presentation. Jazz class consists of a warm-up featuring stretch and strengthening, across-the-floor progressions, and center combinations. In addition, students will be versed in understanding musicality, rhythm, style, and technique.



Lyrical is a more expressive form of dance, fusing aspects of jazz and ballet. It focuses on one's emotions. It will help to strength grace and control. Lyrical promotes self-expression. Dancers learn various kicks, leaps, turns, and center floor combinations set to expressive and lyrical music. Although it is not required, taking ballet and jazz in conjunction with Lyrical class is beneficial.



Contemporary dance is a deconstruction of ballet and modern, even though it draws from the methods of both. The students will be encouraged to push new boundaries, discover versatility, and minimize tension in the search for clarity and fluidity through their dancing.

Contemporary incorporates various techniques that focus on weight transference, fall and recovery, movement on and off center, and slow and fast move creating dynamics. Students will explore abstraction and pedestrian movements to help develop their performances.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop offers students a more relaxed environment to learn combinations and dance moves. Hip Hop introduces students to the latest dance moves as seen on TV, in music videos, and in the movies! Hip-Hop fuses jazz and street dance forms. Students learn isolations, dynamics, and movements unique to Hip Hop culture. Teachers will use upbeat, age-appropriate pop and hip-hop music. Although it is not required, studying jazz in conjunction with hip-hop is beneficial.


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