Tuition Rates - Students Ages 2-18

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Registration Fee: $45.00 per family
Sibling and Parent Discount: 10% off monthly tuition for the family member taking fewer classes


Please Note:

-Payments remain the same whether the month is a short (3 week) or a long (5 week)  month; also regardless of absence and class cancellation due to inclement weather.

-There will be no tuition refunds or credits allotted for withdrawal from class during any given month during the regular season (Sept. thru May)

-There will be no tuition refunds for withdrawal from summer classes.

-There is a returned check fee of $30.00.

-All late tuition payments receive a $20.00 late fee for each week tuition surpasses 7 days past due. If tuition payments exceed 21 days past due, your dancer will not be permitted to attend class until payments are brought up to date.

-Classes which participate in our annual Showcase will have a costume fee of $95.00 (each) due on October 15th. You may refer to our schedule to the non technique specific classes for classes that will include a costume for performance.

tuition breakdown kd 2022.png