Class Attire

Ballet, Kickstart and Basic Attire requirements for female dancers include a black leotard, pink tights, and pink (bloch) ballet shoes. Hair must be worn pulled back in a bun for all ballet classes. Ballet attire for male dancers includes a white t-shirt, black athletic shorts, and black ballet shoes. 

Class attire is extremely important to give your student the best possible instruction. Dance instruction focuses on proper alignment and requires students to dress appropriately in order to receive the appropriate instruction from their teachers. For all dance classes, students ages 2-18 must wear appropriate fitted(tight) clothing. For females, this includes leotards, athletic tops, shorts, and tights. For males, this includes fitted t-shirts and gym shorts. We do not allow pants of any kind because they can interfere with the teachers' abilities to view the lines of a dancer's leg extension. All female dancers must have one black leotard and tan tights for designated choreography rehearsals. All male dancers must have a white t-shirt and black athletic shorts for designated choreography rehearsals. 

Hair must be worn pulled back away from the face so dancers do not get distracted. We recommend all dancers keep extra hair supplies in their dance bags. Female dancers must wear their hair in a bun for all ballet classes. 


KickStart and SideKicks Programs
Girls: Ballet: Bloch Dansoft (So2o5G) Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

          Capezio Ultrasoft Ballet Pink Tights
Tap: Capezio (3800 Mary Jane) Black LEATHER Jazz Tap

Boys: Ballet: Black Canvas Shoes
Boys: Capezio (CG17) Black Fluid Tap

Girls - Bloch Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

           Capezio Ultrasoft Ballet Pink Tights
Boys - Black Canvas Ballet Shoes

Girls - Capezio (EJ2) Carmel Jazz Shoes
Boys - Capezio (EJ2) Black Jazz Shoes

Rockstar Tap - Advanced Tap :
Capezio (CG17) Black Fluid Tap

Girls - Capezio (EJ2) Carmel Jazz Shoes

+Contemporary-Dance Paws (Fancy Dancers)

+Tight Fitted Tops & Shorts or leotard
Boys - Capezio (EJ2) Black Jazz Shoes

Hip Hop
Girls - Capezio (EJ2) caramel Jazz Shoes
Boys - Capezio (EJ2) black Jazz Shoes


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Please call or visit Fancy Dancers for dance wear and shoes. The staff are incredibly helpful and have all of the shoe requirements on file so you can shop, worry-free. 

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